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Invest in Your Future

Our skilled & expert trader's will  trade your cryptocurrency for you and

pay you daily interest for allowing Trading Waves to trade your BTC crypto for you, Limited openings during launch in USA !!
Automated Trading


Invest $50 + (2.7% interest) We pay you $1.35 Daily for 3 months

Invest $100 +(2.7% interest) We pay you $2.70 Daily for 3 months

You can always renew trade packs or have unlimited amount of trade packs opened simultaneously

It was never so easy to trade. You just need to create an account and let us do the job for you!
Up to
50 $ 200% ROI 20.000 $
Trading Waves - Trading packages

New Generation Of Trading
Up to 200% ROI

10% Binary Commissions

Innovative Investing

Our experts traders can help you to maximize your return on investments up 3% Daily. Now you can also earn as a team.


up to

3% Daily

Earn up to 10% from direct affiliate purchases

Point per$1 +10% shortest leg

Residual trading

Get 30%, 20%, 20%, 10%, 10%, 10% from your unilevel matrix daily trading bonuses.

Tradingwaves Bitcoin Trader JohnCWMarketing

 How to open a Trading waves & Coinbase Exchange account, for Free.
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1. Open Up Your Free Trading Waves account.




2. Open a free Currency Exchange ( if you don't have one) and for beginners the process is simple, basic information required nothing complicated.


Bonus: To Explode your Income giving you the ability to invest more by purchasing more Trading Packs. You earn 10% on new referrals investments and each of their future investments. We will add all of our referrals links to the rotating "Trading waves" button above. As We share this site in our worldwide marketing it will also assist you in getting new referrals.

Pre Launch Builder

This Trading Waves Business builder is limited to 5,000 new members then we must shut down this page and prepare for their official USA launch. To reflect any and all changes. No Monthly Fee's, No signals you just sit back and earn Daily.

Fill out the  form below to stay updated and to send us your

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