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The Life Enthusiast - Health Journey

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

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How Should I begin?

As We ALL Begin.. I was so sick and getting sicker by the minute. Success, friendships began to matter less because I was running out of excuses to not be around or at any functions. I missed everything, but I found what I needed and that's Why I'm still here.

People die with good friends, families and good careers along with those who may never have had any of these, what I'm saying is that sicknesses don't ever discriminate and just having good memories isn't enough when you are fighting for your very life, your very existence.

I work online or rather from home and then eventually to online. Yes, I know the

different ways to earn income online, but as far as health is concerned most are lured by the opportunity for good income so their support of a product is extremely biased to say the least. Also most of the online companies sell you the same garbage developed by the same science that invented the other health garbage that's offline,

Now does that make any sense.?

I personally will only stand by something that works and when I say work I mean it has to work immediately ( your body responds instantly to any condition good or bad no matter if you are aware of the reaction or not) no exceptions because that is how nature works. In a completely natural environment could you imagine getting sick and needing 2, 5, or maybe even 10 years to recover living in nature??? How ridiculous is that?

Now look at your so called health supplement world.

Years in and no cures, all conditions still exist and more illnesses have joined the team as potential life threatening conditions or sicknesses.

We all must live in a compromised state that eventually will decline over time.

Sorry, but who decided this and why is it so easily accepted.?

Fight all of your life to be healthy only to inevitably have yourself aged in such a way it makes you susceptible to other conditions directly associated with aging,

I mean how do you fight that Sh*t lol.


Simply to just jump the gun here a little because i am not a blogger at all and if I start talking this post will never be complete.

I came across a Nano Soma (Metadichol) product that helped with any and everything and its 1,000% Natural with nothing added included or referred to or implied to as unnatural in any way.

No side effects because it's a food particle so no reported interactions with any medication. So safe that toddlers to adults can use this with out any worries as it's also non toxic in any way.

This isn't the Cure for Anything, Your Body will Heal itself.

This product Will Teach it how.

Now maybe your medications will become more effective.

Once you understand how your body works .

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