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YouTube Marketing results overall Nov 18th
YouTube Marketing Done for You  -
Google Approved Methods

Affiliate Business Builder-
I will also help you to Duplicate my Strategy on your own YouTube Channel earning you Income in your affiliate business.

Small Business Marketing

  • Best Value

    Small Business Pack

    Every month
    Growth on a Budget
    Valid for 3 months
    • Set Up Your YouTube Channel and Description area.
    • 2 Branded Content Videos Uploaded to YouTube: Yours to Keep.
    • Ranking for Agreed Keywords
    • Instagram- 4 Marketing Clips w/Logo : Reels, Remixes)
    • Promote Instagram Post Through Instagram & Facebook
    • Google Marketing - Promote Your Video and/or Website
    • Market YouTube Video for Views,Subs & etc.....
    • Price does not include Marketing / Ad Budget
    • Ad Budget Min$300 for YouTube and/or Instagram
    • Add My Classified Ad Posting Service for one Full Year +$450
  • YouTube Marketing

    Every month
    YouTube Video Promotion - 1 Video
    Valid for 3 months
    • Marketing your Video On YouTube By Google
    • Targeted Audience for more Clients or Customers
    • Choose Your Specfic Audience By location - EXAMPLE USA
    • GetYour Video Higher Ranking on YouTube - Keywords
    • More Downloads of Your App Through Youtube Ads if applicable
    • YouTube Description area Organized
    • 4 Uploaded Videos to your channel - Branded your logo
    • Plans do not include your Marketing Budget
    • Min Marketing Budget / Ad Budget = $300
  • YouTube Explosion **

    An Explosive YouTube Strategy
    Valid for one month
    • +1,000's of Real Views Directly to your Video Through Google
    • You will be added to My YouTube Playlist Refreshed
    • YouTube Set up and Organized Description area
    • You video will be posted on my Facebook Business Page
    • 6 Branded Content Videos Uploaded to your Channel
    • Video + Massive Ad Placement 1,000's of Video Ads online
    • POST to 100's of Blogs, Forums, Classified Ad Sites w/ Links
    • ***Add a Double Up and Get another Video Promoted
  • YouTube Test Order

    YouTube One Time Sample TEST
    Valid for one week
    • YouTube Promotion for 7 days
    • Send URL and You're Done
  • Affiliate Traffic

    Newbie Affiliate Traffic PLAN for Marketers
    • 30 days of Non Targeted Worldwide Money Making TRAFFIC
    • 1,000's of REAL Visitors to your business opportunity
    • Add up to 3 Business Opportunities Per order
    • REAL LIVE TRAFFIC Redirected to Your Links - NO BOTS
    • Can not be sent to YouTube Url's - Seek YouTube Marketing
  • Double Up Video

    Add extra Video FOR Marketing Plans
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Extra Business Video Promotion to Ad Sites
  • Ad Posting Service's

    Every month
    Automated Full Video + Ad Posting Services
    • 1000's of Advertising Pages each month
    • Your Ad Upgraded, Highlighted, in Bold and Stuck to the Top
    • 500 + High Quality Optimized Blog Posts in Exclusive Net
    • 100+ Web 2.0 Properties Permanent Links
    • 2000+ Classified Ad Pages
    • Top of every page on 25 high traffic sites 24/7
    • All links,Post & AD'S emailed to you directly
  • CheapShip Plan

    Every month
    PLan needed to Get started with find your audience
    Valid for 3 months
    • Client's can only choose this after consultation
    • The method I use to help Build Thier Brand

Monthly Payment

When you become an Affiliate of any of my Business Opportunities

You can have your referral links in rotation Under my YouTube videos.

Bringing you Leads,Sales,& Sign ups.

Just Choose the Business Rotator plane above and send me your referral URL.Watch This Video Below to find out More... Below is one testimonial  Video From one of My Clients who is reselling my services...