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YouTube Marketing results overall Nov 18th
YouTube Marketing Done for You 2020

Affiliate Business Rotator-

I will also help you to duplicate my Strategy on your own YouTube Channel earning you Income outside of your affiliate business.

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  • YouTube Marketing

    Every month
    I will help you to Grow your YouTube Channel
    • Estimated - 2,000 to 3,000 Views
    • This Video Promotion is Not Targeted
    • This will increase Views the Fastest for Newbies
    • Your YouTube ideo on Your Channel send me your YouTube URL
    • Only 20 spots in Total As of Dec 22nd 2020 11 Spots Left
  • Best Value

    YouTube Targeted

    Every month
    This is for a Targeted Campaign For 3 Months
    Valid for 3 months
    • Estimated 3,000 to 5,000+ Targeted Views Monthly
    • Ability to specify by Goals Outside of Just Views
    • More Subscribers?
    • More Likes & Comments?
    • More Website Views?
    • More Downloads of Your App
    • Promote your Business Video on Your YouTube Channel
    • Choose Audience By location and Keywords
    • Only 20 Spots of Dec 22nd 2020 Only 3 Spots Left
  • YouTube Explosion **

    An Explosive YouTube Strategy
    Valid for one month
    • Estimate 9,000 to 12,000 views 35,000 Max
    • You will be added to YouTube playlist in your Niche
    • Your YouTube Video will also be promoted as usual
    • Your Video will be shared in Private Marketing Groups
    • Playlist have 50,000 or more of Subscribers
    • 20 Spots in Total as of Dec 22nd 2020 18 spots left
  • YouTube Test Order

    YouTube One Time Trial TEST
    Valid for one week
    • YouTube Promotion for 7 days
    • Send URL and You're Done
  • Affiliate Rotator

    Every month
    For any of my Affiliates
    • Your Affiliate Url rotation under my Promoted YouTube Video
    • 30 days of Traffic - No Guarentee of Sign ups or Sales
    • You can place a tracking link on your referral link to track
  • Your Business URL

    Every month
    Put Your Business Website under My YouTube Video
    • Your Business Information/Website under my YouTube Video
    • Tax Consulatant?
    • Hotel?
    • Hair Salon?
    • No Adult Businesses or Prohibited Offers
    • Your Business added to my email campaign

Monthly Payment

When you become an Affiliate of any of my Business Opportunities

You can have your referral links in rotation Under my YouTube videos.

Bringing you Leads,Sales,& Sign ups.

Just Choose the Business Rotator plane above and send me your referral URL.Watch This Video Below to find out More... Below is one testimonial  Video From one of My Clients who is reselling my services...