List Leverage:

      A Complete

          Automated System

This System will Contact and Close all your sales for you.

The Problem:

In order to market anything online you will require certain Tools & Skills that let's face it in the beginning you just do not have, Can not afford, or You don't have any skills or experienced enough yet to even use them properly . The learning curve requires a lot of time and even longer to see any real results from.

You can search Guru's and People who have made Millions online all day and still never understand what it really takes to build a long lasting income online and who to take a risk to Build your business with.

The Solution: List Leverage

A Completely Automated System that never requires you to recruit others to earn income. This is set up to:

1. Collect the Information of anyone that fills out the Done for You Captures pages within the system.


2. This System will Display your all ready done for you HD Video presentation that explains all about List Leverage.


3. Process all of your Sales for you.


4. Instructs all new members step by step what needs to be done inside of their accounts.


5. Will follow up with clients through Email that automatically is sent to anyone that has submitted their info in Step 1. You never need to write any emails or do any programming.

Emails keep the informed and updated and usually leads to more sales for you.


6. Inside of this system inside of your accounts we have list of people Called "Traffic" who are looking for exactly what you are offering with our system, an Opportunity to earn Huge Commissions. You place an order for How many you would like sent to your Personal List Leverage System and Let the System Close the sale for you.

Never a need to contact anyone that you know personally, well until you start generating so many sales and increasing your income with every order placed that you just want to share your experience.

Best Part is that for every sale that you make that new sale has to send you customer(s), which could generate you more sales without doing any extra work.

Taking a Few minutes for something that Will Change your life if you want to is the least that you can do for yourself. Just keep in mind the system that you are seeing is brand new and will be exactly what your customer's will see when we send them to your List Leverage System.

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